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A Ghanaian man called Godfada Houston who is the CEO of Inside Life has won the hearts of many with his acts of kindness towards a struggling single mother.

In a post shared by social media Influencer, Nana Tea on his Facebook page, Godfada drove all the way from Accra to Akosombo just help the single mother with her twin sons.

The post reads;

” Godfada Gh Houston has done it again…
He drove all the way from Accra to Akosombo to help some single Atta maame.

He paid for the twins school fees and changed everything in their room..she received 2400gh in cash.

So the story behind is , the mother of the twins Evelyn Iddrisu posted the twins have never been sent to school and they are three years now, she finds it hard to take care of them alone. And she just want the kids to have a feel of school. I sent @mawulom and some scouts to go verify the situation and it was really bad.

Their room was leaking and hence they didn’t have light since water goes into the sockets and bulb. Her living condition broke my spirit down.

People are really going through a lot, and if you are not told, you will not know the pain and suffering behind the smiles people put up everyday.

I quickly sent money to get the carpenters , painters, Electricitian to start renovating her place before i leave Accra and come to the them in Akosombo.

Before i left accra , i bought some provisions that will last them some months, cause why not, ITS CHRISTMAS, then got her a new wardrobe and a bed to match up the renovation.

Gave her 2,000ghc for her to put the kids into school when school reopens in january, and also use the rest to set up something for herself.

An extra 400ghc was added by @Alhaji DotKom a loyal member of @Insidelife group for her chop money. Glory be to God, these twin will be going to school and their living condition has improved.

If you are out there facing difficulties, don’t give up. God has NOT forgotten you, he will send your helper even from the farthest place.

Godfada is a father for all .. He said,that’s just warm up…more to come. Bless up CEO”.

See photos below;

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